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Monday, May 17, 2010

Take environmental safeguards before implementing projects: Governor

Proper environmental safeguards must be taken before any new project is started in the mountains and river valleys of Sikkim, Governor B P Singh said in Gangtok Sunday.
"This was particularly relevant in the case of roads and hydel projects as the mountains of Sikkim are geologically fragile and that the state government and locals alike should be extra vigilant in such cases because developments must go on but their negative impacts must be minimized to the extent possible," Singh said.
Sikkim’s resource is all nature based and sensitive to environmental changes and this reality the state government should be compelled to work and progress within this limitation, Singh stated.
On tourism he said "since our tourism resources are all nature based and exposed to environmental and ecological impacts, we should try maintain a balance between quality and quantity tourism after assessing our carrying capacity."
He further said that our ultimate goal should be to encourage local private initiatives to manage tourism affairs and the government’s role should be limited to being a facilitator and a regulator.
Take environmental safeguards before implementing projects: Governor- Hindustan Times


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